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You’ve found a one-stop shop for all your website design and development needs at prices that can’t be beat for comparable quality. From free hosting through marketable content to reliable maintenance, your business will have a strong tool to build your online presence on.

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I’m getting more clients already! Top Choice Design took complete care of my website with great ease and I highly recommend it! ~Kimberly Hoffman, Lac

LOOKS AREN’T EVERYTHING … that’s what someone who doesn’t own a small business with a drop-dead gorgeous website would say. But guess what? They’d be wrong. You see, when it comes to small business web design, you’ll need a site that not only looks like a million dollars but also works perfectly.

THE GOOD NEWS? It won’t cost you a million to get that kind of website. That’s because I focus on providing affordable and professional solutions for small business web design and development, as well as high-quality services for web hosting and marketing.

THE BAD NEWS? There isn’t any. So take a stroll around this site and see what I can do for your small business. Oh, and if you have questions, just send me a message and I’ll address them promptly.

“Okay, so why do I need small business web design, again?”

Because, quite frankly, this is the 21st century and who uses the yellow pages anymore? With millions of mobile devices, laptops, and personal computers being used constantly by everyone around you, a website for your small business is the perfect way for people to find out about what you can do for them, what services you offer, and what products you sell. A small business website is one of the best ways to engage your customers and enhance customer loyalty. And that’s especially true if your website functions smoothly and looks compelling.

Some of the advantages of small business web design:

+ IMPROVE VISIBILITY. More people will find out about you, driving sales.

+ BUILD CUSTOMER LOYALTY. If your business creates value by providing useful information – such as your open hours, updates about services and products, special deals, and so on – customer loyalty and retention will grow.

+ GET THAT BRAND IDENTITY GOING. One of the fundamental things that will separate you from your competitors is brand identity. And a huge part of brand identity is a website that appropriately reflects the spirit of your small business.

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